Live Young Longer Health Coaching and Nutritional Therapy with a bit of NLP and Hypnotherapy thrown in.
Fleet, Hampshire

What is Functional Medicine and how it works with Nutritional Therapy


My name is Caroline and I have been interested in how our bodies and lives interact with our environments and how we can manage our health with nutrition and emotional changes.  My goal is to help as many people as possible to understand how amazing they really are and give them the tools to make sometimes significant life changes.  

Health coaching is a conversation that gives people the skills and knowledge along with the confidence to actively take part in their health management and to achieve their health goals. I become your cheerleader and help to 'Unstick' your progress to achieving those goals. 

Nutritional Therapy is expert advice and personalised nutritional plans focused on the idividuals personal health and wellbeing goals.  A plan may include the use of functional testing (e.g. blood, stool, urine laboratory tests) with a full explanation of the results which are also used to create the resulting food and nutrition plan supplied to clients.  Nutritional supplementation may also be used, particularly in the short term, to improve biochemical processes in the body as part of the nutritional plan. A full detailed health questionaire is completed prior to or in the first appointment. 

My specialism is in upper digestive health and gastroesophical functionality to improve the digestion of foods and absorbtion of the nutrients from the diet.  What this means is I help clients to understand their food choices and how they can be prepared to easily digest and pass through the stomach with minimum of discomfort by use of certain foods and natural herbs.  



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