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Reflexology & Hypnotherapy #01

Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Anti-aging Facelifts

As a Naturopath I can also offer further therapies to help clients achieve their goals, which can be carried out at the Staines Clinic or mobile in the area local to North Hamshire.

Reflexology Foot or Hand Treatments

  • 1hr treatment = £45 per session or £120 for 3 paid in advance.

    Add a personal nutritional element to further your healing.

  • Basic nutritional food plan = £25 add to first reflexology treatment (30mins)
  • Personal plan + consultation = £55 add to first reflexology treatment (1hr)

    If reflexology is included as a recommendation of Nutritional Therapy, then there is a reduction to £35 per session or £100 for 3 paid in advance.

    A reflexology session usually takes 45mins, but an extra 15 minutes is needed for the first treatment to assess the treatment plan.

  • Reflexology & Hypnotherapy #02


  • £199 Stop Smoking in one session of 1hr, includes, relaxation CD and Free back up.
    And if required a one month nutritional plan to help remove the toxins and the negative effects of smoking. £55
  • £55 Phobia reduction
  • £199 Weight loss 3 x 1 hour sessions taken over 4 weeks, includes a personal diet plan

  • Anti-aging Facelift and Deep Cleanse

    Using a very small Galvanic current that is almost imperceptible to touch, you can experience a very relaxing and relatively instant improvement to the delicate skin on your face, neck and decolletage. Even one treatment shows a difference and if used regularly, significant improvement to wrinkles and fine lines can be longer lasting.

  • Special introduction offer £55 including personal skin care diet suggestions.

  • Great for sensitive skin and if you don't want to use harsh or poisonous chemicals.
  • Great to have before you go out for the evening.
  • Great for face blemishes where a deep cleans is useful to brighten the skin
  • Wedding packages available for the Bride, Groom and relatives

    Sorry but this is not suitable for people suffering from epilepsy or with a pacemaker. But I do have gentle alternatives which can be used at home.

    Reflexology & Hypnotherapy #03

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